Procurement & Purchasing Training Courses in Dubai

Our Procurement training courses in Dubai, including Purchasing and Supply Chain training course are offered in association with the Centre for Operation and Procurement Excellence. We offer a wide range of exciting courses designed to support and develop people in this important aspect of organisational strategy. Our courses cover a variety of topics such as managing supply chains, managing vendors, negotiating, procurement strategy development, sourcing planning, supplier qualification, and control of materials.

Procurement & Purchasing Training Courses in Dubai – UAE

We run a variety of Training courses, Seminars and Workshops in Dubai. These are constantly reviewed and updated to provide the best training experience, at the best venues. For more details about our comprehensive courses please review and click on the links below. To enquire further about any of the courses and location details, our helpful and friendly team are waiting to hear from you now.

Procurement & Purchasing Training Courses in Dubai – UAE

Dubai  has  established  itself as an epicenter of  business. A city that grew from a small fishing port, Dubai has emerged as a global training hub.  Dubai now boasts an award  winning hospitality  industry  and a booming  financial  economy.  We have a long established relationship with the Emirate, and Dubai is the number one training hub for  us, year after year.  We call upon its expertise to offer its valued clients training courses and seminars such as Service Quality and Excellence: Beyond Customer Service, Implementing Effective Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Programmes, and Budgeting, Forecasting and the Planning Process.

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